The consignee is a commercial figure that emerged over a century ago from the producer's need for a trustworthy representative to deal on his behalf at the trade centers. He is, in fact, an "agent" that carries out every commercial transaction on behalf of the producer who, hundreds of kilometers away, fully relies on him.


He receives the fruit of the farmer's labor at the Market, seriously committing himself to representing the latter during every hard step of negotiation. Thus, his work played a major role in the development of Argentine livestock production and became part of the whole economic activity. Moreover, he became the producer's real advisor, agent and even banker, acting not only at the Liniers Market, but in the cattle fattening, in farm activities, and at auction sales taking place in different provinces as well.

In this new century the consignees have joined the most updated techniques to their traditional job, allowing their clients to have access to all kind of information concerning their activities and the commercial relationship between them both -which, thanks to modern technology, can be done in a fast and accurate way, contributing to their labor's evolution and refinement. The consignee is, in brief the key figure to the local products marketing.

Consignment Agencies members of the C.C.P.P.

Lafinur 3129 Piso 5º Dep. "D" CP C1425FAE - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 4805-4194 (Rotativa)
Av. Santa Fe 995 Piso 9º - CP C1059ABD - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 4322-9970/73
Liniers: 4687-0109 / 3511 / 4447
Av. Lisandro de La Torre 2406 - CP C1440ECZ - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 4014-5793 al 95
Parera 15 Piso 11º - CP C1014ABA - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 4813-4811
9 de julio 273 - Tandil
Oficina: 02494-432555
Av. San Martín 439 Piso 13º Of. "A" - CP C1004AAI - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 4394-5877/1333
Liniers: 4686-3283
Av. Corrientes 311 Piso 4º CP C1043AAD - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 5237-2300
Liniers: 4686-3635; 4687-3757
Av. Lisandro de la Torre 2406 - CP C1440ECZ - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 4686-2599
Viamonte 540 Piso 2
Oficina: 2152-5245
Liniers: 4687-0423 / 4687-3285
Av. de Mayo 666 Piso 11º - CP C1084AAO - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 4342-5259
Liniers: 4687-0066/0123
Av. Lisandro de la Torre 2406 - CP 1440 - C.A.B.A.
Liniers: 4686-5561
Av. de Mayo 560 Piso 6º CP C1084AAN - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 4345-0700 al 04
Liniers: 4687-2575
Av. Rivadavia 789 Piso 3º CP C1002AAF - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 4331-2947/3005 al 09
Liniers: 4687-0030/0816
Sarmiento 700 - CP B7263BXT - Gral. Alvear
Oficina: (02344) 48-1108 / (02344) 48-1101
Vuelta de Obligado 1947 Piso 9º Of. "C" - CP C1428ADC - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 4780-1278
Liniers: 4686-0327
Av. Lisandro de la Torre 2406 CP C1440ECZ - C.A.B.A.
Oficina: 02281-431758/9
Liniers: 4687-3200